We help to organize customer communication and interaction via messengers, applications, and websites

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Platform Capabilities

Multichannel Platform

Communicate with your clients through their preferred channels – using Viber, Telegram, application, or website.

Agent Supervision

Monitor your agents’ dialogs, evaluating them in quantitative and qualitative terms. Let statistical data help you choose the best.

Integration API

Have Threads integrated with your existing products and solutions.


Messages can contain attachments, such as images, documents, or links. It will make them more useful and informative.

Smart Management

Set up parameters for distribution of customer requests — Threads will be automatically distributing requests between agents.


The auto-answering bot will save your agents’ time – it will be sending customers compelling offers and answering their questions.

Agent’s Capabilities

User-friendly Interface

Thanks to this convenient, user-friendly interface, each agent can serve several callers at a time.

Both agent and client can see the history of their communication. Even if a question was asked through a website chat, and now the conversation is continuing in Telegram.

The agent will quickly find necessary information in the previous correspondence by using keywords.

Push Notifications
Attract your clients’ attention to your company’s new offers by means of notifications — with the Push technology, they will never be missed, and the clients will be able to clarify details, if necessary.
User-friendly Interface
User-friendly Interface

Advantages of Threads

Grow your Customer Base and Sales

Turn website and application users into clients – tell them about your products and services, and help make a decision to buy.

Reduce your Cost per Call

Message processing is cheaper than call handling. Your agents will be spending less time on communication via chats and messengers, than on speaking on the phone.

Be More Attractive for Your Clients

Communicate with your clients using popular messengers. Add value to your application and website – enrich them with communication capabilities.

Calculate Tariff

You can estimate expected benefits of using Threads. Just fill out your contact center parameters below.

Contacts per Month 300 000
Tariff Rate  $
Average Dialog Time 180 s.
Share of Chat Contacts 30%
  • Monthly Saving

    306 087 $

  • Monthly cost cutting-16%