A chat-bot gets installed as a Threads chat-platform unit. It uses natural language processing technologies
Call-center specialists use client dialogue history to teach chat-bots
Business rules and logic of a chat-bot are set up in accordance with customer care standards

Chat-bot tasks

Reduces call-center's operational costs
Shortens response time
Business chat-bot makes it possible to use new communication channels
Automatizes communication with the client
Processes client's messages during off-hours
Detects spam and eliminates profanity

Meeter Greeter

Serves for primary processing of incoming messages.
  • Respond to the client's message;
  • Ask the client to phrase their question clearly;
  • Eliminate spam;
  • Eliminate profanity.
  • Call-center operator no longer has to greet the client themself;
  • The operator receives a detailed claim;
  • Spam and obscenities don't reach call-center operators;
  • The first response from the chat-bot takes little time to reach the client and contains a respectful greeting.

Tag Bot

Identifies the subject of a claim
  • Detect the subject of a claim;
  • Identify the language and the tone;
  • Find a tag for the following routing process.
  • Liquidates the need for primary message processing;
  • A claim is transferred to an operator;
  • Every message is tagged and can be used for the analytics;
  • Reduces the amount of possible responses.

Suggest Bot

Offers claim response options to a chat-platform operator
  • Suggest 3 response options depending on a subject;
  • Grade response options according to their relevance;
  • Refer ro previous call-center operators' actions when suggesting new response options.
  • Call-center operator needs less time to process incoming message;
  • Call-center operator does not have to type a message or look for it in the database.

Script Bot

We design business chat-bots taking your needs into consideration. If required, we integrate a bot with program complexes, for example, booking program complex.

We create simple information bots or bots with complex logic that can pick insurance plans or automobile models.

Script bot scenarios

Banks and finance organizations
  • ATM and office addresses;
  • Exchange rates;
  • Rates of interest;
  • Tariff making;
  • Choice of optimal deposit/credit type.
Retailers and online-shops
  • Delivery confirmation;
  • Devivery time choice;
  • Special offers;
  • Product choice based on personal needs;
  • Article of the day.
  • Doctor appointments;
  • Test result review;
  • Procedure/treatment choice;
  • Consultations.
Insurance companies
  • Insurance status;
  • Application preparation;
  • Insurance cost calculation.
  • Schedules;
  • Ticket purchasing;
  • Booking;
  • Booking changing;
  • Loyalty programs.
Car service
  • Service appointments;
  • Automobile selection;
  • Test-drive;
  • Automobile parts ordering.
Business script-bot is developed as a separate project in accordance with the client's needs. Development time – 1 week and more.