Keep every customer digital request in unified agent interface. Flexible tools of segmentation, prioritization and routing make it possible to provide best level of service for every client. For companies that work with the public – banks, commercial, insurance and transport companies and marketing agencies - communication is an important part of business process. Sooner or later establishing of a call-center becomes necessary for service quality improvement. When it comes to choosing software for a call-center, it is important to take into consideration business' special characteristics and think about future growth of the system. Modern call-centers process not only phone calls but also claims from every other communication channel: phone calls, emails and sms. Setting up a call-center or a messenger can be a great help. It creates a department that does not require additional office space or special equipment. Such solution is easily integrated with telephony and company’s CRM. For that reason one should opt for functionality and use of multiple channels when chooses software for a call-center. It is common for the top management to get confused about the way of measuring call-center's KPI when it is being integrated. Some top managers prefer quantity indexes (number of calls received, idle hours), others – quality ones (service). Monitoring and analysing KPI is not an easy task for a call-center manager – they are responsible for increasing entire department's performance efficiency. Let's not forget about automatized service as well. It can help with saving resources (including financial ones) and operators' time. Messengers, chats and calls get united with the client's CRM. Call-center automatization is done, for example, through processing of incoming messages. Speaking of chats at call-centers. A chat can be integrated in a mobile app or a website. There is no difference between a regular messaging program and, for example, a mobile app chat for a user. Another benefit of having a chat in a call-center is that it allows to have one window for all incoming messages from all communication channels.

Optimization, automatization, loyalty

Threads is a complex solution that facilitates communication with the client through call-center chats, messengers and social networks. It is a new channel for client support, services and sales in the field of aviatransportation, tourism, banking and insurance spheres.

Tasks Threads can solve

Costs optimization
  • Claim type transformation – from expensive voice-related ones into cheaper text channels;
  • One operator is able to provide service to several clients simultaneously;
  • Inscrease in number of auto responses.
Automatization of processes
  • Unified user interface for all communication channels;
  • Smart way of dealing with incoming messages and response options;
  • Integration with CRM;
  • Chat-bots.
Increasing clients' loyalty level
  • Communication in convenient formats at favorable time;
  • Referring to dialogue history;
  • Personal managers for VIP clients.

Unlimited opportunity of setting up all the existing channels

Business messenger
Provides communication with the client and keeps chat history, can be accessed from a personal account. Designed for both laptop and smartphone.
Messengers and social networks
Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram: set up various messengers for servicing and distance sales
Livechat and another custom channels
Connect any custom channels using our SDK and API
API for setting up all custom channels

Personalize communication process

Ability to store clients' profiles and dialogue history
Segmentation of the client according to their type, income level etc.
Outbound messages
Delayed message sending if there is a need for extra time for processing

A smart chat bot can increase service efficiency

  • It reduces the time operators spend on simple tasks thanks to automatization of the processes (autotagging, assistance for operators);
  • It improves the service thanks to routing, identifying priorities of incoming messages, detecting latent needs of the client through the use of stop-words.

Control of unified KPI of all digital channels

  • first message response speed;
  • average time spent on working on an issue.

Operator's desk

Administrator opportunities

Flexible claim routing
  • Unlimited amount of characteristics for client categorization: address, client's demographic characteristics (sex, age, DOB, martial status, interests, education level, occupation etc.);
  • Unlimited amount of user groups.
Service scenarios
Creation of user notification scenarios inside the chat (e.g. automatic notification).
  • System connects the client with the specialist they already communicated with before;
  • System allows to assign a group of clients to a particular operator (useful for VIP service).
Employee business control
Administrator will be notified about:
  • exact amount of incoming claims;
  • amount of messages being processed;
  • employees' work schedules;
  • each operator's current performance overview available in live mode.
Statistics and records
  • amount of processed messages;
  • The rates of KPI;
  • Employees' performance review for any period of time is always available.
Communication with employees
Ability to inform about:
  • changing services and products of the company;
  • changing service processes;
  • Accomplishments, mistakes etc.