Integrate a SDK chat into an app on iOS or Android platform. The chat will appear alongside a ready interface designed according to your guideline
Add control elements (keyboard, input). Change the look of mobile app chat (color, font, element shape)
Establish uninterrupted message exchanging process between the client and your call-center/customer service center
Omnichannel and functionality
  • Unified chat history;
  • Online synchronization of claims on every user's gadget;
  • Mobile chat gets synchronized with the client's claims sent through web chat;
  • Multiple applications can be used simultaneously;
  • Integrated chat-bot.

Chat functions


  • Consultation about services, prices and limited offers;
  • Service start/cancellation;
  • Technical issues resolution;
  • Answering questions.


  • Help with service choice and payment;
  • Cross sales;
  • Attracting attention to limited offers;
  • Reminding about bonuses and discounts.

Adding chat to mobile application

Download installation file for iOS and Android at