Russian Standart
Russian retail bank, TOP 30 by financial indicators, provides customer care for 28 mln customers in digital channels using the unified workplace Threads. Specialists of the bank was supported by chat-bot Meeter Greeter, descreasing average response time.
MVNO starts working in 2017. Threads provides to consult sim card holders in livechat, mobile app chat. Digital channels contribute increasing of sales and customer loyalty.
A payment service is a TOP 5 member of payment agregators in Russia. Its clients are more 50 000 russian and other country companies. Threads let Robokassa support customers in digital channels (livechat, messengers, social networks)
VTB Insurance
TOP 10 russian insurance company. Chat center module was implemented with script bots. Verification and document package preparation are automizied and running without humans.
PIK Group
One of the biggest development companies in Moscow and Moscow Reagion. Threads provides to concult customers about apartment choose and sales via messengers and social networks.
Proccessing platform of retail payment services. The company works with as individuals as enterprises. Pilot project proved that chat channels are useful. Second phase of the pilot starts testing Chat bot module.